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Whisky 102 (EN)
Whisky 102 (EN)

mer. 17 avr.


Le Petit Bar à Vin

Whisky 102 (EN)

Introduction to whisky: Expanding your knowledge

Heure et lieu

17 avr. 2024, 18 h 30 – 20 h 00

Le Petit Bar à Vin, 168 Chem. Old Chelsea, Chelsea, QC J9B 1J3, Canada

À propos de l'événement

[Cet atelier est offert en anglais. La version française est le 3 avril.]

Whisky Production: Uncover the secrets behind whisky production, from the raw ingredients and fermentation to distillation and aging. Understand the influence of casks, climate, and time on the final product.

Whisky Styles: Explore the different whisky styles, including Scotch, Irish, American, and more. Gain an appreciation for the subtle and not-so-subtle differences that distinguish each type of whisky.

Whisky Tasting: The highlight of the workshops! You'll have the opportunity to sample five handpicked whiskies, carefully chosen to represent a range of styles, regions, and flavor profiles. Let us guide you through each tasting, helping you identify the unique characteristics of each whisky.



  • Whisky 102 (EN)

    Expand your knowledge

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